Your furry baby will get treated just like at home, as a

Personalised Service is offered to make them feel like they've never left! 

Your beloved pooches will have access to FULLY FENCED ACREAGE

to ensure their safety and security and room to run, swim and play

within our 3 fully fenced yards.





We absolutely adore dogs - big dogs, little dogs, all dogs!  Little dogs that act like big dogs & big dogs that think they're little dogs .. hee hee.


We are a mature aged professional couple and both have had dogs since our childhood.  There's truly something special between the bond of a 'Dog and its Owner'.  Or should I say .. a Balanced Dog and its Owner.   With Love and Respect this can ..... and will be  .... achieved.


We have been minding dogs for well over 10 years now, and FULL TIME for over 6 years within our own home.  We absolutely are very blessed to be able to do what we do with our own dogs, as well as our furry guests.  We truly love Dogs, but also Respect Dogs and give them what they actually Need .. beyond love, cuddles and affection.  We give them that PLUS ....... we actually allow the Dog to actually just be a Dog!  We offer STRUCTURED Supervised Socialisation to allow this to occur.


We are Professionally Trained Behaviourists and we do behavioural training on our own property, with your furry baby, so that we can have all the Big Dogs and Little Dogs all mixing together in our OPEN KENNEL ENVIRONMENT.   We're very proud of our ability to achieve this and that's what makes us Stand Out From the Crowd! 


Your beloved pooches will have access to a large luxurious acreage property (just under 2 acres) which is FULLY FENCED - 12 mins to Robina, 6 mins to M1. We will treat your furry babies, just like they are our own!


With 3 fully fenced grassed yards ensuring your pooches very safe and secure.  Your pooch will have access to our large swimming pool, fully supervised at all times too.


A LARGE DOG YARD, which is 1400sqm grassed area and 1.6m high (in the lowest area), and 1.8m (in highest area). 


A SMALL DOG YARD, which is 400sqm 1.6m fully fenced, grassed area, and it also has the stainless steel mesh all along the bottom of the fence, so even the littlest puppies are kept in safe and sound. 


Another Fully Fenced (full brick) DOG FRONT YARD, which is approximately 400sqm, grassed area with a large tree to offer for shade in the summer months. 


All these 3 yards are interconnecting, so can be all opened up together so the pooches can run around all the yards, and often do too. 


Offering DAILY DOG BOARDING and both short and long-term OVERNIGHT BOARDING too.  Pack Walks/Hikes around the Bonogin Hills & the motto is "a Tired Dog is a HAPPY Dog!"  We are Professional Dog Pack Walkers and Dog Behaviourists, and depending on size, age and fitness your pooches are taken on our daily pack walks.   Advocating the use of positive reinforcement for training and managing behaviours whilst in the retreat's care, to ensure a smooth transition and comfortable environment for all furry guests.   


Social play is also a top priority.  All dogs get to have a big Playtime together, whether they are small or big, they are interacted with full supervision to ensure a harmonious environment.  They are socialised together ALL day too, with access to the large pool, with supervised swimming lessons given too, if your beloved pooch wants to get their paws wet.  A large undercover alfresco area is available to the furry guests too, to ensure plenty of shade available during the heat of the day when needed too.  All of these areas can be kept separated OR combined together.  


Ridgeview Retreat PCA are fully qualified and have a degree in Psychology and Behavioural Animal Science, an RSPCA Dog Minding (Pet Sitting) Certificate, are Professional Dog Behaviourists, Dog Pack Walkers, a Member of the PPGA,  as well as a Police Background Check Clearance.

All furry guests MUST be up to date with their Worming, Flea and Tick treatments.  We also ask that the C5 Vaccination Certificate be sent through PRIOR to booking commencement (unless under 14 weeks of age).


As we have an OPEN KENNEL ENVIRONMENT we cannot allow Personal Inspections, as we MUST maintain our Calm and Balanced Environment, without any External Disruptions, but are very happy to answer any questions you may have.



P L E A S E   N O T E:


over the age of 6 months (unless they have boarded with us previously):

* american staffordshire terrier

* english staffordshire terrier

* bull terrier

We are unable to accommodate
(unless you have a Breeding Permit with the GCCC)
Males that constantly MARK or HUMP other Dogs are NOT accepted
into our Open Kennel Environment
Dogs MUST be fully socialised with other dogs Off Lead with no agression issues. 
Dogs MUST be completely comfortable around other dogs, off lead.
Dogs that BARK EXCESSIVELY will also not be allowed.
Socialisation Lessons with puppies are offered by Ridgeview Retreat PCA,
so they can build up their Social Skills.  Socialisation is SO very 
important in building a calm and confident mature dog.
Puppies Accepted (from 2nd Vac)
Small to Large Breeds Accepted
XL (over 45kgs not accepted)

Ridgeview Retreat -

Luxury Dog Minding Retreat

in the Gold Coast Hinterland