Ridgeview Retreat Custom Made Dog Walking Leads

(used by the professional dog walkers around Australia)

Walk your dog with ease .. ask us how

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Slip Leads are a training lead so you can take total control of your dog on your walk.  The handle has a very comfortable soft foam surrounding it, so comfortable to use.  The handiworks are made of cow leather making it durable and strong.  The loop should be placed over the dogs head, and placed up high underneath the chin, and right behind the ears .. push the stopper down to hold it into place.

Remember that YOU must be the Leader on the walk, rather than the other way around.  Whoever is in front, is the Leader .. the Boss.  Did you want to follow your dog, or have your dog follow you?  This Dog Walking Lead will allow you to have the correct tool to allow you to be in control and make walking your dog a pleasant experience, as it should be.

Black available currently

$70 per lead (including gst .... plus postage)

Gold Coast postcodes are included


$165 (including a Dog Walking Lead, and gst)

Your dog will be trained on our lead, then YOU will be trained on the lead

Paypal or BPAY payment methods accepted


The most important thing that you can do for your dog is Master The Walk. Your dog must be right next to you, NOT in front of you, as this sends the message to your dog to say THEY'RE the leader, and not you!!!


YOU ..... as the Pack Leader need to go out in front and lead the way! It is so very important to take the leadership role yourself .. put the collar up nice and high on the neck and keep a loose but short leash .. this will give you total control of your dog.

Also remember polite etiquette, whilst on your walks.  If another person and their dog are coming towards you .. you keep your dog to the LEFT of you, only humans should be passing each other.  Your dog should be kept on your LEFT (or the opposite side of the incoming person).

RIDGEVIEW RETREAT SLIP LEADS are available to purchase at a cost of $60 per lead (postage included for Gold Coast postcodes). Unlike a traditional leash, this training lead features a slip collar instead of a metal snap hook, so a collar is not required for the walks. The neck piece can be placed correctly behind ears for maximum control and an added leather stopper keeps it in place. Designed as a training aid for walking your dog, this lead offers greater control and provides the ability to give a firm yet quick and gentle correction that eases up when you release the pressure. Ridgeview Retreat also offer lessons in 'How To Walk Your Dog' as well. Get in contact if you would like to know more.