Comfort and Safety are our Priority

RIDGEVIEW RETREAT Pet Consulting Agency (PCA) is an outstanding luxury dog retreat located in Bonogin, like no other. There really is nothing else like it on the Gold Coast!  It is a Professionally Run Retreat, which has NO enclosures or kennels (thus minimal spaces available), and we pride ourselves on being able to offer an Open Kennel Environment to our furry guests with safety and security our top priorities.


It's located just above The Observatory at Reedy Creek - 12 mins from Robina Town Centre or 6 minutes from Reedy Creek Village Shopping Centre, so minutes away from the M1.  Designed especially for the comfort and safety of your dog and surrounded by fully fenced grassed areas, with special mesh (stainless steel) placed on the bottom of all the fences, so even the littlest furry babies cannot get out.


RIDGEVIEW RETREAT PCA is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where our concerns for individual pets go beyond safety, as they are also about enjoyment. Dogs love to play, so while holidaying we ensure that our furry guests spend their energy in a positive way. Our caring and experienced owners (Louise & Steve) are dedicated to making your dog feel comfortable and happy. We will encourage your dog to participate in daily activities.

RIDGEVIEW RETREAT PCA put you and your pets needs above everything.   We have insurance protection to supply you with a comprehensive policy to ensure Dog Owners and Ridgeview Retreat are cared for in the best way possible by having complete peace of mind.



Vaccination Requirements
For your pet's safety and wellbeing, all furry guests at RIDGEVIEW RETREAT PCA, are required to be fully vaccinated and have tick and flea protection. We provide emergency transportation if your pet needs to go to a vet, and if necessary your own vet can be on call.  Current vaccination paperwork MUST be sighted at check-in OR sent to us prior via email (preferred). All dogs must be up to date with immunisations – that is, have received a C5 vaccination in the last 12 months. We insist on at least a C5 for our canine companions.  A C5 vaccination covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluinza and Bordatella.   Puppies whom have not have their 3rd vaccination are welcome, but just will not be taken out on walks or leave the enclosed yards.



Can I bring my pets bedding or toys?
The simple answer to this question is YES to bedding and NO to toys.  You may bring whatever you think your pet might need to help them settle in, but personal toys are discouraged, so as to not to have any 'possessiveness or ownership' over them. We have numerous toys here, that have all different doggie scents, so not one dog has 'ownership' of the toy.  However if your pet is not particularly attached to the item there is no real benefit in bringing it. We provide everything your pet will need during their stay.



Should I bring my pets normal food?
Again the simple answer is YES!  We ask you to supply your normal pets food so we can keep their normal routine up to date.  You send along the food that your dog usually eats at home so that there are no upset tummies because of a change of diet.



Can I check up on my dog whilst I am away?

Absolutely!!  At RIDGEVIEW RETREAT PCA we will send you daily photos of what your furry baby has been up to during the day so you can see how your dog is enjoying their holiday.  We send this to via Messenger or Whatsapp, whichever you choose. 



My dog sleeps inside. Do you cater for this?

We know how important it is for dogs to have similar comforts as at home so, if your dog sleeps inside, it will definitely sleep inside when he/she is staying with us.  However, they MUST be house trained (toilet trained) to do so.  We do have access to a 'small' doggie door, which they have access to at all times.   Otherwise, if they normally sleep outdoors, they will sleep under our large alfresco undercover area, and have a small section of the grassed yard at night for toileting. 



What happens if my pet becomes ill or is injured?

We pride ourselves on spending quality time with your pets and just as you would if you notice your pet had a sore eye or ear, diarrhoea or a sore leg we take them straight to the vet. We will ALWAYS try to make contact with you, or your nominated person, and if time allows we will use your own veterinarian.